Thrifty Ways to Upgrade Your Bathrooms at Home

Updating Your Bathroom’s Look

To give your bathroom a refreshing look, there is no need for you to be a big spender. Remember that even the smallest thing you add in your bathroom can make a big change. There is no need for you to have total bathroom renovation just to upgrade your bathroom’s look and purpose. You will even be surprised that most of the various and cheap ways to improve your bathroom are those that you can do by yourself easily.

11For a start, you can give your bathroom walls a fresh coat of paint. Since it is just a small area, you won’t spend that big on interior house paint. Plus, this is something that you can easily do by yourself. When it comes to small room such as bathrooms, it is best to use bright colors to make it seem bigger. Even horizontal paint patterns work to make your bathroom look wider. Another way to brighten up your bathroom walls is by making your own wallpaper. Take out interesting graphic pages out from vintage books and magazines. Adhere them to walls by brushing wallpaper paste on the page backs. After that, you can seal the surface with clear top coat. Of course, proper lighting should also be done. Choose one that is not too glaring in the eyes and at the same time won’t make your newly painted walls or pasted wallpaper look too glossy.

Who says you can’t make your bathroom look stylish? It is actually an ideal space within your home to coordinate accents too. Give your bathroom a designer touch with accessories that perfectly match. For your needed bathroom accessories, you can shop online to make it more affordable for you. In addition to that, online shops can offer you wider selections.

Always keep your bathroom organised and tidy. It is best to look for better storage solutions that could you more space in your bathroom. If your budget can allow it, you can upgrade from shower curtain to shower door. As for your your bathroom windows, you can dress them with Roman shades with striking pattern. Most of all, it is always a must to keep your bathroom always clean. It is one of the areas where you do personal things to cleanse and pamper yourself and have a relaxing time. Don’t forget to add indoor plants that can also improve your bathroom’s insulation and at the same time make your bathroom even more refreshing.

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