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ZetaFlow Filters

Disk Filters

ZetaFlo is the leader in the Southeast and in the Caribbean in the sales and service of disk filters. Disk filter technology is new to the US and has been used extensively throughout the world. Ask us about disk filter applications that may benefit.

Two Arkal Star 12'sIn Sarasota County, Florida, they depend on ZetaFlo disk filters to clean 2 million gallons per day of high quality reuse water. The water is treated at their Central County Utilities Waste Treatment Plant and then sold to customers that use the water for irrigation and water features. Sarasota County depends on ZetaFlo filters to maintain the high quality required for this valuable commodity.

Waste Water and Reuse Applications

Arkal 2 x 4 Spin CleanZetaFlo disk filters are used for waste water treatment on large and small plants, for recovery of waste water for reuse applications, for protection of deep injection wells, for industrial water recovery, storm water clean up, textile process, ocean water intake roughing for RO systems, aquaculture treatment, ground water and many other applications. ZetaFlo disk filters use less that 2% of the throughput for backwash, are fully automatic and are extremely low maintenance.

All Plastic Sand Filters

All Plastic Sand FiltersOur ZetaFlo sand filters are all plastic, utilize the finest underdrain system in the industry, are fully automatic, and can be moved by two workmen when empty. These filters represent the latest state of the art.

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