9 Simple Tricks To Keep Janitorial Jobs At Bay And Will Make Your Boss Happy Seeing Your Workstation

How to Keep Your Workstation Immaculately Clean and Organized

Take a look at your desk now. Is it messy or organized? Is your desk brimming with stuff that you use everyday? Or are they stuff that you seldom use? Does your workstation currently need help from providers of janitorial jobs? If so, here are tips that you can follow in making your desks clear of clutter and always immaculately ready for work.

First, have a physical inbox in reach. Most people have many email inboxes to store their emails but very few have physical inboxes in their homes especially close to the workstation. Having a physical inbox can help you organize mails that are scattered most of the times.

 Second, have a garbage bin within reach. The same goes with garbage cans. If you have a recycle bin or trash in your computer, you should also have physically.

 Third, minimize using unnecessary paper. If you cannot totally stop the incoming of the paper flood, make it a point to at least minimize to some extent. Also, eliminate unnecessary subscriptions that you seldom read anyway.

Fourth, remove unnecessary clutter. Stop what you’re doing and see if the knickknacks and all the accessories lying around are really needed for your work. Evaluate each piece and decide if they serve a purpose in the execution of your work.

 Fifth, set a regular cleaning schedule. Get your calendar and encircle dates that will be the times when you will be cleaning your workstations. If you do so, you can get rid of janitorial jobs that can make you dole up some dollars out of your pocket. You obviously are interested in educating yourself in this area. You want your learning experience to be entertaining as well. This is why IJCA will educate you during the process in best possible way so you’ll be absolutely confident before making your purchase decision.

Sixth, never set trash down. Make it a habit of holding a piece of paper or whatever trash that you don’t want anymore until you reach the nearest trash can. Leaving a half-empty glass or water or coffee beside your computer is an accident waiting to happen.

 Seventh, take photos. This is especially true if most of the items that are on your desk are simply for reference only. Do you have the habit of clipping articles from newspapers? Consider taking a photograph of it instead of stacking them nearby.

Eighth, follow the “when in doubt, throw it out principle.” In most cases, you don’t need 95% of the papers that you are keeping on your desks. So when you are in doubt whether to keep something or not, throw it out.

Finally, clean your workstation before you leave for home. This is the simplest but the most effective way of developing a habit of clean and organized workstations. Consider this, if the president of the company visits your workstation, will she or he be happy seeing it? If the answer is on the negative side, you better start cleaning your desk right now.